Hebe History – “Horology Elaborated By Experts”

Founded in 1901 in Alle, a small Swiss village of the Arc Jurassien, HEBE Watch stands for Horology Elaborated By Experts and results from the association of villagers who, throughout time have acquired various skills in the different fields of horology.

The first timepieces crafted by the experts were skeleton pocket watches, using a technique of open work well ahead of its time, later HEBE Watch successfully adapted its mechanical watches throughout the times and got recognized all over the world as a fine Swiss watchmaker.

It is not until after the infamous quartz crisis of the 1970s, that the experts realized the full potential of mechanical watches and started elaborating skeleton wristwatches; the idea was to bring an aesthetical aspect to the mechanical movements, national heritage of Swiss watchmaking.

Today, HEBE Watch pushes the boundaries of aestheticism and develops original skeletons, using transparency, unusual geometric shapes and contemporary colour schemes. The experts cut away as much as possible from the bridges and dials in order to present the inner workings of their watches and fine finishing of each component.

111 years later after its creation HEBE Watch still retains its precious labour: an enlightened designer, a saddler and a renown sculptor all combining their skills to the brand’s products and resulting in timepieces crafted with an audacious mix of sturdiness and sophistication.

A blend between the ancestral codes of watchmaking and a contemporary vision, to please today’s connoisseurs seeking horology elaborated by experts.

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